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Consultancy Work

We provide legal and technical guidance to individuals and organisations that require assistance in handling data protection issues and in complying with relevant data protection policies.


So far, we have helped companies and government agencies draft privacy notices and other data protection policies, conduct privacy impact assessments, establish their data protection office, and even develop their very own privacy management program.


Trainings and Workshops

We offer basic and intermediate training courses meant to introduce participants to the fundamentals of data protection, including key compliance activities sanctioned by the Data Privacy Act of 2012.


We collaborate with other subject-matter experts and resource speakers to ensure the quality of our workshop materials. We also consider requests to configure our curricula to suit the specific needs of an organization and its personnel.


Speaker Bookings

We entertain invitations to speak in both domestic and international events.

Consultancy Work
DPA Compiance Workshop
Speaker Bookings
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